Our Chef

Chef Geovanny

The son of a master chef able to “make a wonderful meal from the sole of a shoe,” Geovanny “Geo” Arredondo has implemented his Mexico City roots into the Dallas culinary world since the age of 22. Such an upbringing has made him the perfect head chef of Dallas’ Don’t Tell Supper Club – a nightclub complete with acrobats, contortionists, magicians and not the least of which, a meticulously crafted food selection.

“In a club, people can do crazy activities,” said Geo, regarding the nightclub name. “No matter what happens during the night, all of your friends are just chilling and their crazy, drunken circumstances shouldn’t be spoken of afterwards.”

Building on the myth behind Don’t Tell, Geo believes in the confidentiality between friends and has honored this since his humble beginnings.

In fact, Geo has been in the kitchen since he was 8. Now as the leader of Don’t Tell’s kitchen, he provides fresh food to visitors every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This includes “the best tomahawk beef in all of Dallas.”

“I tell customers who want it medium that it takes 25 minutes to prepare correctly,” said Geo about his special, 55 lbs. meat. “For those wanting medium rare, it takes 30 minutes.” Either option adds an extra 10 minutes for the blood and seasoning to spread evenly throughout the beef. The end result is simply one example of Geo’s immeasurable craft.